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Weihrauch HW100 TK
"I currently have a .177 TK sub 12ftlbs version (rated at 50 shots per fill though the power doesn't drop until 70 shots) which I use for a bit of target shooting and some pest control. I have had several over the past few years in different lengths and calibers and they have all been great out of the box. They come with a couple of 14 shot magazines (the quickest and easiest I have ever used to load with pellets) they have the most popular sound moderator which many people use on any brands of air rifle and it’s..."
"I wanted a new rifle for vermin control and perhaps bagging a pigeon or rabbit for dinner. My last weapon was a Crossman Rat Catcher which was a fine piece of kit, but being gas powered I couldn't just fire a few shots and leave the rifle with the gas cylinder in place due to the seal perishing after a period of storage. So with that in mind I set about looking for something more suitable. I looked at a few gun sites online but in the end settled on Pellpax from Aylesham in Norfolk. They had..."
Walther Rotex R8
" I managed to get my hands on the .177 version of the rotex and was pleasantly surprised by this bit of kit. The blueing on the Walther barrel was as good as it gets and it is extremely pointable. The styling is rather old fashioned and looks early eighties but the mechanics are bang up to date. This airgun handles very well indeed and is extremely comfortable to use and priced at around the £400 mark it's seriously good value. The first thing that you will notice is the 200cc buddy bottle instead of an air cylinder and..."
Evanix Sniper
"Once I saw this in a magazine, I knew I had to have it. The looks of this air gun will not be for everyone and they will not be reading this in all probability anyway. I ordered this rifle and an Evanix Rainstorm in August 2013. I was able to take delivery of this air rifle in late January 2014. There had been some power drop off issues which Evanix and AC Guns in East Sussex had thrown everything at in order to address. Their strenuous efforts have been successful. The mechanisms..."
Daystate Huntsman Regal
"Well, we do it. We read reviews by "journalists". This had me very interested in .17. I intended to by a Wolverine in .303 as well. The Regal seemed to fit the bill as a pest control weapon, I had shot one and liked the weight, balance, action and stock. The magnetic magazine is fiddly. After only thirty shots the bolt seized, it was stiff, at times refusing to move. RFD said to return it, he then returned it to Daystate. After two weeks I sent an e mail asking for progress, this was ignored for a week and a..."
Weihrauch HW100 TK
".177 KT - New in the box you get the rifle, silencer, 2 x magazines, filling probe and cylinder de-canter. All of which are excellently engineered and well packaged. The rifle is superbly accurate well past hunting distances and is more than up to target shooting disciplines if fitted with the appropriate scope. The multi-shot action cycles faultlessly every time, and is impossible to double load. The simplicity of the magazines adds to the robustness of the rifle and ensures you are able to 'take the shot' every time. The manually operated safety is another..."
Air Arms S400
"First Impressions:- ...are of a well made and finished bit of kit. Steel parts such as the barrel and main air cylinder are nicely polished and blacked to a high standard. Alloy parts have a nice satin finish to them. Bolt is also a pleasing matt silver. Barrel looks quite thin but is supported by a 'barrel band'. Allen headed bolts are used throughout construction which I think is better than slotted screws. My rifle has a lovely thumbhole walnut stock having a nice grain configuration although there is a quite high price premium for better wood (ask..."
Weihrauch HW 97 KT
"The HW97KT is arguably one of the best springers on the market and you will find very few people who don't like them. Anbidextrous stocks are standard and the gun is very accurate indeed. Out of the box it does not feel as smooth as it's main rival the Air Arms TX200 but if given a proper tuning it surpasses the accuracy of the very good TX200. The loading port can be used from the left or the right and the underlever is smooth and clicks back positively into place. The automatic safety is easy to reach from..."