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Latest Reviews

SMK Westgate B2
"I bought one for my 6 year old Grandson to shoot at the range being the right size and cheap, didn't matter if it was knocked about, first job was to strip the stock and refinish it to at least make it look reasonable, big mistake, remove the brown paint to reveal more wood filler than wood, on the range this (gun) didn't last 50 shots before the barrel lock disintegrated, thrown away bought him an X3 tac with synthetic stock, similar price, far superior...."
Gamo Hunter Extreme
"Sold, just about covers it...."
Walther Terrus
"After 49 years of shooting spring piston air rifles I've finally found one that exceeds my expectations, out of the box cleaned the barrel, fit and sighted a scope and shot a rested 10 shot group sub 12mm at 35 yards, the range officer was amazed at the accuracy of an untuned brand new unbroken air rifle, over the chrono was even more amazing, 780 fps using 8.4 grain Air Arms 4.52 diabolo fields, 11.35 ft/lbs, extreme spread of 7 fps !!!!, with an average spread of 2 fps, I've waited all my life shooting many different spring guns for..."
Walther Terrus
"After 49 years shooting spring piston air rifles I've finally found one that exceeds all the review expectations, straight out of the box I cleaned the barrel, fit and sighted in a scope and shot a 10 shot sub 12mm group at 35 yards rested, the range officer who watched this was amazed at how it would keyhole the first shot with the next, over the chronograph with Air Arms 4.52 diabolo fields at 8.4 grains it gave 11.3 ft/lbs 780 fps, maximum spread of 7 fps with an average spread of just 2 fps, waited all my life shooting..."
Air Arms S510 Superlite Hunter Carbine
"As I was writing this review on my property in view of the appletree 20 yards past where I was sat sipping a coke and wandering what to right after the pro's and cons who should show up but Mr Squirrel.... so lets just talk about this encounter to sum up the rifle. As mentioned above I have an apple tree on my property, one I hope that will provide the bulk of my cider this year as last year the squirrels had got to it first, this year though I have been on the war path. After taking 4..."
BSA Ultra SE
Alex Brown
"A fantastic little carbine, from out of the box it was firing very nicely. Matched it too JSB Exacts in 4.53mm after trying a load of different pellets. With these it has averaged out at around 11.45 ftlbs and 5 shot groupings at 35m around the size of a 5p with many being smaller. Cant fault it."
Hatsan AT44-10
"nice rifle apart from the stock"
Crosman Ratcatcher (2250)
"A good fun gun short range pest control"